Thursday, September 23, 2010

Taking off!!!

I tried to start off on the right foot and even read a couple of things a week ago, but then the same thing happened as in 2008... I got tangled up in several other things.

I hope to dedicate a couple of hours to catching up with what's been going on and summarizing my ideas.

When going over my Favorites, I noticed that last week I did do a few things after all.
(1) I took a look at what the course offers (browsed the Moodle)
(2) I watched the YouTube video, Intro to PLNs, and it did a couple of things to my knowledge of PLNs, so much so that I added a couple of entries in "My PLN" Notepad file started earlier
(3) I read the PLE page and really enjoyed one of the links, "Vygotsky and PLEs" (also in my Diigo), an analysis written by an 18-year-old intern student; Jo Turner-Attwell. I especially liked "Vygotsky believed that learning shouldn’t follow development, but rather should lead it. A student should constantly be reaching slightly beyond their capabilities rather than working within them." During my teaching career, I always believed in "going the extra mile" with students. I always pushed further than was necessary, because I believed in their potential. And it worked very well for the majority of them
(4) I also enjoyed another link, "The Present and Future of PLNs", because it gave me a very good and clear overall idea of the topic (though it's a 2006 article), and bookmarked it to my Diigo account.

But I didn't get down to creating a blog and writing about first impressions. That's what I'm doing.

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